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Killing the Kordovas - Kathryn Lively


In “Killing the Kordovas”, struggling romance writer turned reluctant stand-up comedian, Danni Hewitt, spends a lot of her energy being jealous of those who get book deals less because of their writing skills and more because of their popularity or knack for stealing material. It especially sticks in Danni’s craw when star of “Kordova (Not So) Konfidential” Krystal Kordova gets a book deal from a well-known publisher.


Danni’s friend, Joe Collins, has two short lived comedies under his belt and is coaching Danni in her new found stand-up career after hearing her funny rant to a friend. The book then follows the tale of Danni and Joe’s successful pursuit of the Kordovas.


“Killing the Kordovas” is a very funny book. I laughed out loud several times. My favorite character is Krystal Kordova. She starts out as an unlikable character, but then is made into a real person with real problems. I liked the way that Danni grows from hating the Kordovas for their undeserved success, to getting to know them and realizing that they are real people with difficulties just like hers. The story kept me interested in finding out what happens next throughout.


One part that kept me guessing was wondering whether Danni and Joe were really thinking of killing anyone. The tension was realistic and humorous at the same time. The part of the book I liked best was when Danni pretends that she has been selected as the ghostwriter for Krystal Kordova, and then finds out that they are all really grateful that she has taken the job. She receives this 3AM call from Krystal’s literary agent who had never heard of her prior to Krystal telling her Danni had taken the job:


“Thank Gawd you signed on for this. Do you know we’ve been through all of our contact lists looking for a writer to take on this project? I don’t even get past saying Krystal’s name and it’s like everybody knows what’s coming next, and they hang up or suddenly book a sabbatical to some gawd-damn yurt in Tibet for meditation. I tell you, I’d hitch a ride there myself, the longer I have to deal with that nitwit.”


Danni heard a sharp inhaling hiss. Either Holly had begun her umpteenth cigarette of the early morning, or she’d graduated to something that might send her mentally to Tibet, or the moon.


“Well, what can I say? Glad to be on team.” No sense in asking Reyes why she bothered to take Krystal on as a client if she foresaw problems. Ka-ching.


The ending has a super surprising twist and I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys pop culture humor.